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SEO Company Atlanta Brings You 7 Must-Know Facts About SEO Before You Spend a Single Penny!

Unfortunate but true…

I’ve got in touch with many business owners before, they shared thoughts and ideas relating to SEO and the advertising companies they worked with. approximately 90 percent of the owners spend a major amount on internet marketing or related digital marketing company just to obtain minimal or zero results.

No results from an average SEO company

And the worst part…

The spent money is other then cheap, they shaves away a substantial part of their business budget for any other marketing or for different type of advertising agencies. It’s quite unfortunate to witness large chunks of money going down the drain for services that aren’t worth their pennies.

Let’s clarify one thing. This wastage of money for a digital marketing agency isn’t synonymous only with local SEO services. Many such dollars could be spent on traditional adverts, such as telephone directory or newspaper ads, without anything to write home about when compared with search engine marketing.

Wasted Funds

A multitude of major corporations and startup founders remit a good portion of their allocated marketing funds to work with the best SEO company, consultants, or the self-proclaimed seo experts. In most cases, these clients transfer the money and wait for miracles to happen, without bothering to introspect or look through the progress. At the end, most probably, the “keyword-specific” search rankings for their online business aren’t even close to being at the top.

And, this is just one part of the story…

I am looking at those skrewd business companies that opt in for the best SEO services, worth hundred thousand dollars that apparently fetch them nothing. This is not a rarity and several entrepreneurs and companies have such horror tales to share. Every industry has its share of positives and the SEO industry is no exception. However, the problem is that it’s tough to find the good ones out.

Prima facie, money spent on ineffective SEO may look like a few thousand dollars put to the gutter. But if looked at via the production lens, those funds could have been piled into another business opportunity or used as capital investment. Most businesses learn the hard way and quite a few have had to close their business, as a result. Today, an online company can expect to be in the mix only if it judiciously spends its money and not wastes the funds on ineffective Atlanta-based SEO agencies.

It’s disheartening to see companies with tremendous potential getting bogged down or completely eliminated by negative SEO. And there cannot be anything more disturbing than that for an honest SEO professional.
Several online and offline businesses are getting increasingly worry about cheap SEO service providers, which is quite understandable. The abundance of rip-off SEO reseller artists has made life difficult for the sincere and honest internet marketing company. As a result, new Search Engine Advertising clients and sales aren’t coming by easily for them.

The issue also lies in the fact that almost every SEO enthusiast or digital marketing consultant proclaims to be an expert of the art. Besides, they also guarantee the results their SEO techniques would fetch. This is certainly a red flag as no consultant SEO can predict the outcome of their SEO guide, thanks to the extremely dynamic online search environment. Quite invariably, the SEO link building services emails and digital marketing services offers you receive are from these bogus SEO online marketing consultant who are interested in your money and nothing else. For someone who’s not aware of digital marketing companies and what it’s supposed to do or fetch, these unsolicited mails are nothing but fishing baits.

It’s perfectly fine; in fact, recommended to stay on the fence and be wary of anything and everything SEO, since it’s not an extremely reliable industry and also there’s substantial money on-board. However, don’t give up the battle yet and try harder to find the best SEO companies in Atlanta, for the SEO, the benefits are immense. If you manage to strike a business deal with a reputed online marketing company or individual online marketing service provider, you’ve almost set your business on track for better prospects and increased revenues.

I am an SEO consultant based in Atlanta, whose life revolves around search engine optimization companies. Needless to say, I am aware of everything that’s possibly there to learn about online marketing services. I have a professional love affair with the best seo software and the kick that I get with helping my clients attain their objectives is something words cannot justify. I am into SEO marketing full-time and foresee providing professional SEO services for a lifetime.

Not to mention, I’d love to be of any help to your business.

If you would like to know me and my seo specialist Atlanta in much greater detail, ring me up. The number’s up there on my website, at the right corner. You can even contact me via a form; the link can be seen at the footer of the site.

Before proceeding to other aspects…

Kindly pay attention to the following information I’m about to share. As far as SEO or SEO services in Atlanta are concerned, there are 7 fundamental aspects about online marketing that you must know.

It doesn’t matter whether we strike a business affiliation and go through with it or not. I would request you to read through the following content, regardless of our combined future. Use the following information as a parameter to audit other SEO companies’ claims and techniques. At the end of the day, you want the SEO firm to offer value and not just hand you over an assortment of cheap seo services for your hard-earned money.

Let’s get to it, then…

1. Keyword Research – A Brief Overview

To start of with…

There is just no point ranking your site on the first pages of search engine results for keyword phrases that no one or very few will type in anyway. If you ignore user trends, you are quite likely wasting time and effort on ranking specific key phrases that won’t fetch you any tangible business leads.

From a internet marketing agency’s perspective, optimization for random keywords is not the way to go. Ignoring this fact or due to unawareness, several individual business owners or startup entrepreneurs jump with excitement seeing their site show up on the first pages of a search engine for a useless keyword. Their fun and happiness subsides when they see no business prospects or contacts coming their way, courtesy the ranking.

Read the following information carefully.

If an SEO firm based in Atlanta proposes SEO solutions but is not able to point out specific keywords profitable for your business, you should know you’re wasting time with the wrong people. Simply put, stay away from them if you are serious about not wasting money and energy on some worthless SEO & link building service packages. Just move ahead and look for other viable options.

Did you know Google, the search engine Hercules, has a platform that spills out keyword phrases and SEO details? In other words, things cannot get any easier for an online marketing companies to find out the right keywords. So if they fail to locate the right industry-relevant keywords, they just don’t know their thing.

Remember, the keyword details offered by Google are not accurate, but they’re certainly close and present information to base further research on.

To learn more about niche-relevant keyword phrases, contact me at the phone number shared on my site and I’ll get in touch with you at the earliest.

2. Is SEO the Correct Route Ahead for Your Business?

Once you’ve got a good hang of the SEO market and what its implications and positives are, it’s time to determine or find out SEO services company in Atlanta who’ll understand your needs and work on them accordingly.

This is the most exciting phase, for it’s time now to do some math. No, not really!!

But, this is critical. It will help you ascertain whether Online Marketing is the right ploy for your business. If you aren’t too sure about your business position and would need some time to rethink and reanalyze your SEO strategies, then kindly do so, for there is substantial amount of marketing money on the line.

The relevance and importance of SEO can be determined by three important factors. They are:

• Your client’s average worth
• The number of current searches and trends in your business domain
• Search engine optimization costs

If you are about to put aside a specific portion of your marketing budget to attain higher rankings for a specific keyword phrase in your domain, it’s important to know when and how you’ll recover your initial investment. Though it’s a bit tough to arrive at an accurate answer, getting things right with the above three variables can certainly get you closer to the correct number.

Many factors are in play, like total visitor value, conversion statistics and other things. However, making use of those aforementioned variables is likely to give you a head start.

Don’t waste your time and money on top SEO companies in Atlanta if your market’s not potent enough to help you earn back your promotion and marketing investment, even if you manage to crack the top spots for all popular keywords in your industry.

But, on the other side of things…

The effort and pain is worthy enough if ranking at the top for even a few popular keywords would help you amass funds that are multiple times higher than your investments.

Always phase out your SEO budget in accordance to your industry value and business potential. Dig through the data and determine its worth. This is, may be, the right way of getting things done.

Here is a list of example industries that benefits a lot from good search engine optimization services:

accountants, aerial services, air conditioner businesses, apparment rental, architects, attorney, auto body repair shops, barber shops, bathroom renovations, beauty salons, blind companies, blinds & awnings, builders, burglar alarms, car dealers, car dealerships, car rent, caravan parks, carpenters, carpentry and remodel services, carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning, casino, cheap flight, chiropractors, cleaners, construction companies, courier services, credit cards, dating, day care, day nurseries, degree, dentists, doctors, electrician, electricians, estate agents, fencing businesses, fencing services, financial advisors, flooring services, florists, garage services, hair salons & stylists, hair salons, holiday parks, home loans, hosting, hotels, insurance agents, insurance, jewellers, kitchen renovations, landscapers, laser eye surgery, lawyer, lawyers, letting agents, life insurance, limo hire, loans, locksmiths, mechanics, mortgage, painters & decorators, paving & driveways, pc repair shops, pest control, photographers, photogrphers (wedding), physiotherapists, plant & machinery hire, plastic surgeons, plastic surgery, plumber, plumbers, printers, pubs, real estate agents, recruitment, rehab, removals, restaurants & bars, restaurants, roofers, security services, sign makers, small restaurants, software, solar power providers, solicitors, specialty shops, storage, tattoo parlors, taxis, tree work, van & truck hire, vets, web design

This list has only a fraction of very competitive keywords in SEO, but worth huge money if the website is ranking page 1 for those terms.

If you’re still not sure and need some help sorting out things, give me a ring and I shall be at your service responding to your doubts.

3. Does Google Hate or Love Your Website?

Does the online search engine know your site exists? Is it happy to include your site in its results or wants to stay away from it?

If you’d like to find out, perform a thorough on-page and off-page analysis of your site.

On-Page Factors

• Are the right keywords included in your page title?
• Is the main keyword sporadically placed in your content body at least once?
• Is your website’s interlinking layout properly done?
• Are your site users satisfied with the overall experience on your site?

These things do not entail all one-page factors, but they serve as the starting point. If there’s anything wrong, the alterations can be done easily.

Off-Page Factors

• Do you have a rough measure of the sites backlinking your website?
• Does Google have any problems with the sites linking to your online property?
• Are the backlinking sites relevant to your industry, or completely off-topic?
• Do you know the exact anchor texts other sites are using to link to your site?
Like on-page factors, answering the above questions is not all. However, it’s a neat way to get started and stay agile enough to accommodate future corrections.

If an SEO expert is not by your side, you’ll have a tough time addressing these issues by self. Don’t fret too much, you can still cross the road. Get in touch with me, either via phone or my contact form, and we’ll swift through the tides together.

4. Does Your Site Have a Rank and An Organic Reach?

If a software tool for online ranking and visitor traffic is installed on your site, it shouldn’t be too tough to procure this information.

If not and you have a problem setting the software up by self, get in touch with me and I’ll guide you through the process, or do it on your behalf. If you would like to provide SEO services to your client. I’m also offering white label seo work for my clients.

Software for tracking visitor footmarks is now quite common across the web, thanks to its simple approach. Also, the tool presents multiple data for your consideration. The information can be analyzed to determine the areas your site is shining in and the aspects that it needs to work on. If you don’t have the software installed, you won’t be able to access this critical information.

The data presented would let you view things from Google’s perspective. It will enlighten you on Google’s categorizing techniques. This, as a result, would offer you more clarity about the road ahead and the necessary changes that need to be done for success.

5. Is Your Site Plagued With Copied Content?

To determine whether your site’s content is copied or not, copy the content and run it through a plagiarism tool called Copyscape.

The online plagiarism software would help you determine your content’s originality or otherwise.

Don’t feel too guilty about any detected signs of plagiarism. It’s possible the freelance writer who did the articles was inept and just copy-pasted content from other sites onto your site. And if you did it by self not being aware of the possible impact it will have on the rankings of your site, don’t worry too much. It’s a phase that even the most renowned writers have gone through during their novice years.

At the end of it, Copyscape will be your savior. If the test results do not present any content underneath, it means your site’s content is not plagiarized. If otherwise, you’ll have to make necessary changes to the text.

The best and the fastest way to mend things is paraphrasing the information to make it read original. Once done, Google should no longer penalize your site or push it further back on its platform citing poor content quality.

Ultimately, an online search engine would never like to present its users with the same information. If there’s duplication detected, the search engine will choose to stick with the most reliable of the sites and omit other sites carrying the same content out of its pages. As a result, sites carrying replica data lose organic traffic and also their credibility, if any.

And now the crazy portion…

Even if your site was the first to put up the now-plagiarized content, if the text also shows up on a more authoritative site, your site is likely to be pushed down and the bigger site will get a pat.

As someone who has been rendering affordable SEO service packages in Atlanta for quite some time, I completely comprehend the importance and need for fresh, original content. I will not roll the ball if I am not sure about content originality and authenticity. If you are rigid about adopting the duplicated content approach and not willing to spend resources and time on fresh information, your site is likely heading down the barrel, regardless of how well your site fares in other aspects of SEO. Top rankings would continue to remain a distant dream if you don’t focus on fresh content.

6. Competition: The Competitiveness of your Keyword Phrases?

By this stage, you should probably be aware that a top search engine rank is no child’s play. In fact, getting ranked for some popular keywords can take tremendous amount of time for a brand new site. Add a few more years to this wait if your basic keyword arrangement and research is not right.

Search engine optimization experts should know how to properly evaluate a keyword’s relevance and importance. Don’t invest too much thought on competition – consider what’s right for your site. Ultimately, it’s not the far-flung sites you’d like to compete with. Look for first page positions.
Examples of very competitive Online Marketing Industries:
accountants seo
aerial services seo
air conditioner businesses seo
apparment rental seo
architects seo
attorney seo
auto body repair shops seo
barber shops seo
bathroom renovations seo
beauty salons seo
blind companies seo
blinds & awnings seo
builders seo
burglar alarms seo
car dealers seo
car dealerships seo
car rent seo
caravan parks seo
carpenters seo
carpentry and remodel services seo
carpet cleaners seo
carpet cleaning seo
casino seo
cheap flight seo
chiropractors seo
cleaners seo
construction companies seo
courier services seo
credit cards seo
dating seo
day care seo
day nurseries seo
degree seo
dentists seo
doctors seo
electrician seo
electricians seo
estate agents seo
fencing businesses seo
fencing services seo
financial advisors seo
flooring services seo
florists seo
garage services seo
hair salons & stylists seo
hair salons seo
holiday parks seo
home loans seo
hosting seo
hotels seo
insurance agents seo
insurance seo
jewellers seo
kitchen renovations seo
landscapers seo
laser eye surgery seo
lawyer seo – example: Atlanta law firm seo, seo for lawyers in Atlanta
letting agents seo
life insurance seo
limo hire seo
loans seo
locksmiths seo
mechanics seo
mortgage seo
painters & decorators seo
paving & driveways seo
pc repair shops seo
pest control seo
photographers seo
photogrphers (wedding) seo
physiotherapists seo
plant & machinery hire seo
plastic surgeons seo
plastic surgery seo
plumber seo
plumbers seo
printers seo
pubs seo
real estate agents seo
recruitment seo
rehab seo
removals seo
restaurants & bars seo
restaurants seo
roofers seo
security services seo
sign makers seo
small restaurants seo
software seo
solar power providers seo
solicitors seo
specialty shops seo
storage seo
tattoo parlors seo
taxis seo
tree work seo
van & truck hire seo
vets seo
web design seo

Look into this aspect with this analogy…

If your business was a sporting franchise, you would want to go up the ranks competing against teams that are a level higher than you, and not those who are in a similar position as you or are far behind. Also, the road to progress should be gradual, with shorter steps. Compete against teams that are not invincible, so that your graph rises and you will be well-equipped to take on the bigger giants.

If you don’t have this clarity, it would be tough to figure out the marketing expenditure for your SEO plans. Prayers and well-wishes will lend you hope, but not true results. Competition analysis is key when meddling with SEO and working in tandem with an SEO agency.

7. Do You Have the Essential Steps for Success?

Are you aware of the tactics employed by your search engine optimization specialist? Has he equipped you with an alternative plan to tackle things when they go wrong?

SEO consultants are required to be forthcoming to their clients. They need not spill out every detail about their SEO techniques and strategies, but a general overview and key aspects must be divulged.


Since the world of SEO is prone to fluctuations and dynamisms, the SEO expert must be adept enough to respond to timely changes and ensure the SEO efforts don’t go futile. The techniques implemented should be flexible and open to minor tweaks or major overhauls.


Having your site placed at the top of search engine results is a long journey and you would certainly require a Atlanta SEO specialist to help you travel the distance. I’d like to be that guiding force for your site.

To capitalize on my skills and experience, get in touch with me via phone, or fill in the contact form on my site. I’ll be at your service as early as possible.